Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dye Break

As a break from working the cartoon, I dyed some yarn that I will need at some point for this tapestry. I have be testing dyes in two values of blue to mimic a runner of a table at the base of the piece. The model for the runner looks like this. I will also need some bright green for the plants around the lake.

These are the latest colors. I did three graduations of three colors. These are procion dyes; alpine blue, bright green and azure blue [running from right to left]. I also threw a tee shirt into an even weaker gradation of one of the blues. You can see how much difference the silk content in my yarn modifies the resulting color. The tee shirt was 100% cotton. My yarn is 30% cotton and 70% silk. Hence I always have to test.

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un said...

It's my day to make comments. I think the color difference between the Tshirt and the yarn is due as much to the base color of the yarn as to the fiber content.

Your colors are great though; the nice variegations will led to a very rich tapestry. Good for you!