Friday, November 10, 2006

Ebb & Flow

Weaving days seem to ebb and flow...

Yesterday things went smoothly. I was able to finish my goal for the day - to finish the first 1 7/8th of an inch. That part is actually part of of the hem...but it is also a good time to check out the warp, the spacing, the tension, the yarn and how the loom is working.

As I said, things went smoothly. It is surprising how often one has to tighten the warp when weaving with this loom and this linen warp. I don't remember tightening it so much on the last piece I did which used cotton warp. Perhaps, it only happens at the beginning.

Today, has not been so successful. The warp seems to have developed an uneven tension. One warp even broke! Some of the heddle loops worked themselves out of the glue and made a mess. This may not bode well for this piece. I re-wound the warp onto the lower bean, then back onto the top beam and put a different type of material between the layers of warp. Last time I used the craft paper...this time I used that waffle like paper which seems to have allowed for a more uniform tension. While the lower beam was empty I tied on a warp extension for the broken warp and I seem to be on my way again.

I am taking a break and will do something more warping that cute little loom I have.

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